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This blog is KathyKolbe’s Blog, the place where I can most openly write as me — the theorist that I am to my very core.  It isn’t going to be written, edited or proof read by anyone else. This is going to be Pure Kathy. Take it or leave it.

If my free wheeling comments bug you – good. Bug me back. We can get to stuff I can’t say anywhere else. Feel free to egg me on.  I won’t hold back on what I really think or be limited by keystrokes.

This is a free-for-all place for you to ask me anything and everything, and for me not to worry if there are typos (not that I actually do), or swear words (did you read on my tweet that new research re swear words relieving pain has freed me at last), or that my 2 in Fact Finder is being inappropriate (again). Will Rapp, my FF insistent husband, will probably have to avoid reading this.

 The wonderful variety of communications methods technology provides today has come just-in-time to extend my  abilities/desires by another two or three decades.  I can reach so many more people electronically than thru in-person seminars/speeches. Yet, I certainly will keep doing some of those, too.

I may be more determined to keep doing  in-person things becuz a guy at our Professional Growth Seminar in May told me it was “time to get off the stage and let the younger people at Kolbe do the presentations.”

 Don’t tell me “can’t!” Maybe I wasn’t as entertaining as ppl say often say I am.  But  I was dealing with a half dozen broken ribs, a frayed rotator cuff and a broken elbow. (Yes, I’m accident prone, especially when I inappropriately charged off on an electric scooter to entertain a sick kid. That part worked, by the way.).  As the creator of the concepts and the author of the work that was being introduced, we made a decision that I if I could I should  explain its theoretical foundations. Others could train train on the apps.

 Was I angry when he said what he said? No. I knew where he was coming from. So, why am I responding here?  Becuz this blog is going to be very personal. It’s going to give you insights into the mind and heart – and soul of a theorist.  

 We live in a very judgmental culture. Our sociey loves to find faults. Attention Deficite Disability is oh so popular.

Part of my theory is that this affect has been destructive to personal joy, caused millions of people to have unnecessary stress,  and lowered the level of team achievements.

I would give that guy a hug today (although it was giving so many people hugs that day that bruised my ribs further and sent me to get the MRI that confirmed the fractures). Yes. He made me think.

 The key is not to deny your destiny because of detractors and distractors. I need to stay focused on the mission to make a difference in peoples’ lives – all people, all ages and races and  IQ levels and cultures.

I hear those who say Kolbe Corp should have a more targeted market strategy. Maybe it should. I leave that to David Kolbe and Amy Bruske and their management team at Kolbe Corp to whom I have entrusted such business decisions.

 As the theorist on conation, human instincts and the Dynamynd (which will be a favorite topic here, I expect), I do not believe that I have the ethical freedom to keep my work from any segment of humankind that could benefit from it. Including ppl who  diss me.

 A theorist who develops a theory that can help humankind is much like the scientist who develops a cure for disease – the work must be shared without prejudice. All who can benefit must have access to the help it provides.

In this sense, I consider my work – on the theory of human instincts and the conative domain –to be public domain. What’s not available for free are the techniques I’ve developed as business applications of my theories.

 Kolbe Indexes are apps, so are the M0+ , other eProducts, and the leadership and team docs.  

All the products Kolbe Corp publishes and disseminates are applications of my theories. In order to be considered a part of the Kolbe Wisdom anything Kolbe Corp publishes that I have not personally written or edited, must be carefully reviewed and approved by me. A couple of times things have slipped through, but when I catch an error, everyone knows it’ll be corrected ASAP. That’s the deal!

I’ve had to sort all this out in order to keep my perspective, temper, and sense of humor. I wasn’t created to do it all. Neither were you. All of us need to be respected for our innate abilities and to build teams around who share our purpose but bring differing conative abilities to the process of fulfilling them.  

  I look forward to your challenging, intriguing, clarifying, questioning – it will keep me coming back to share stories.

 Hugs, Kathy


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4 responses to “Kathy Kolbe’s Blog

  1. Get fired up! I am excited to get the unedited Kathy Kolbe! I love your honesty, which I am convinced is not just your resistant fact finder showing up, but is also a sign of CHARACTER! The world cannot remain the same!

  2. The impact of understanding conation and its vast value to every human on earth is very exciting. I am just tapping into how I am wired and it has freed me to accomplish more than I ever could have imagined. Bring the heat unplugged and let your blogs AND live talks breath passion and censor only to lean more into your gifts. Too many people close there mouth at the wrong time and open their mouth on the same timeline…. Get fired up and let’s get some world impact going!!!

  3. Derek Heck

    Kathy, thanks for starting the blog. It has been great communicating with you on Twitter but I am always left wanting more. You have so much to share and give, and hell unplugged is even better.

  4. Jim Woodford

    a guy at our Professional Growth Seminar in May told me it was “time to get off the stage and let the younger people at Kolbe do the presentations.”
    => there’s “a guy” who doesn’t recognize the value of hearing the latest thought evolution from the person who discovered/originated the concept in the first place – “As the creator of the concepts and the author of the work that was being introduced, …..I should explain its theoretical foundations.” It’s just not logical to disagree with that.

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