Discovering Truth is Not an Orderly Process

I know it sounds arrogant when I talk about the truths I’ve discovered. I hate arrogance. But I love truth.

 Conative truths have been there for the world to see. (Oops, there it goes again, the all knowing Microsoft Word Spell Check just underlined the word conative in red as I wrote it. No such word it tries to tell me. Surely I must mean cognitive. )

 Arrogance that’s based on ignorance, now that’s really obnoxious.

(Microsoft, I’m calling you out. Your continued ignorance of the conative domain is unacceptable. Congrats Google for including it in knol.)

 I’m going to risk calling a truth a truth no matter what high falutin’ source tells me I must be wrong…that I don’t know what I’m talking about.

 If people had been paying more attention to people, they surely would have seen what I’ve seen. (If Microsoft spell checkers had read the REAL Peter Roget’s Thesaurus they would understand the origins of the word conative. But then, the Library of Congress never had a topic card for Conation either.)

 It hasn’t been an orderly process of discovery. Is it ever?

 Sometimes it took years for me to do a Note to Self about a person’s action, reactions or interactions. Rarely was I completely aware of a moment of learning. But when a truth became clear it happened in the same way a full moon lights a nighttime scene – a brightness illuminating the darkness.  The disclosure of a mysterious, natural, God-given truth is beyond what a human can control, but available to all those who make the effort to see.

 I don’t own conative truths, but am responsible for sharing them.

 Not in any particular order. Not by following any rules for writing that I’ve been taught. Not by satisfying any one’s expectations.

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