To James Trujillo on his 10th Anniversary @ Kolbe

Dear James,

How blessed I am that you are my collaborator in product development at Kolbe Corp. In your 10 years here  you’ve made many things possible that never would have happened without you.

I certainly recall the beginning of the journey. You’d heard about what we did and had stopped by to ask for the opporutnity to join us — three times. We didn’t have an opening — but, your sincerity and commitment don’t come along very often, so we created a role that fit your MO.

You worked –I know how very hard you worked —  to learn every aspect you could about the Kolbe concept. You immediately acted like an owner; protecting, cajoling and producing. You not only learned what  we do, but before very long you were helping to fine tune how we do it.

You didn’t turn tail when times were tough and deadlines seemed impossible. You ‘ve been  uncompromising on issues of quality and interity –  remaining  me in the midst of  a  difficult decision that these are the principles we’ve agreed are paramount.

As technology became integral to our product development, you stayed on top of the innovation curve. What I think up, you’ve figured out how produce .

Thank you for never seeing my dyslexia (or resistant Fact Finder) as a weakness — or an excuse. Your sense of humor and of  humanity make our partnership pure joy.

James, trusting my instincts in hiring you is one of the wisest decisions I ever made. We’re a family business — and you’re an important member of the family.

Love you,


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One response to “To James Trujillo on his 10th Anniversary @ Kolbe

  1. Congratulations James on ten years at Kolbe. Judy has you beat by one! Thanks for all you do for us. You’re the best. You listen when we have opinions.

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