Healthy communications with your doctor


Heath care costs soar when patients don’t do what they’re told. Conative MOs forecast what patients will/won’t do.

If your conative MO is an 8 or more in Fact Finder, tell your doctor it isn’t personal & go get the other opinions.

If your conative MO is resist Fact Finder, ask your doctor for the 3 things you most need to know. Be polite & just take all the written stuff.

If your conative MO is to Facilitate, beware of telling health care professionals what you think they want to hear.  

If your conative MO is more than 8 in Follow Thru tell your doctor how long it will take you to get better and the regimen you’ll follow to do it.

If your conative MO is Quick Start w/ resist Implementor, tell your doctor you need competitive physical therapy with  lots of protective padding.

 If your conative MO is a combo of Fact Finder/Quick Start tell your doc not to give  you the same old routine. Give you data on new solutions.

Next time you see your doctor, ask if s/he wants to know what makes you tick.

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  1. Nari Kim

    This is extremely interesting. There is such a huge push to study communication dynamics and behaviors between patients and doctors. It is especially needed now since the majority of the research in health communication is based on persuasion. I did not even realize that your conative MO could affect the way communication is predicted. It would be an extremely interesting research study (if one has not yet been conducted). As a fact finder that rated a 9, I think it is funny to read how I would behave. I have told doctors (and staff) that I was not sure if they were correct and researched doctors online that I felt could give me better options or answers – very interesting stuff!

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