Trusting Your Instincts is an Act of Faith

I trusted my instincts yesterday and made a commitment to a project led by a man I’ve never met in person. That’s after turning down several people who I really admire who have wanted me to be involved in things they’re doing.  Living by my own theories makes it easy for me to say “Yes” when my instincts drive me toward that decision.

 For me, it’s harder to say “No” when my instincts try to take me against my desires.

I didn’t trust my instincts yesterday when they told me not to trust the plumber who showed up instead of his boss who I’d called. I wanted to get the problem fixed ASAP.

Six hours later the “one hour job” still wasn’t done right. Another case of literally paying for letting my positive desires override my negative gut reaction.   

If  we stop to think about it, we can side-track our best instinct-based deicisions. When we think about it after the fact, it seems so obvious what we should and shouldn’t have done.

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