No Such Thing As Can’t

As a young girl I was was told what girls “can’t” do.  I figured the list didn’t apply to me.

As a severe dyslexic I was told “You can’t write, so stay away from things that require it.”  That’s precisely why I majored in journalism at one of the top J schools.

As the youngest of four I was told, “You can’t do that until you get older.” So, I got older!

As a theorist without a PhD I was told, “You can’t expect academics to pay attention to you.”  So I validated their  strengths and they wanted to hear more.

As a mom with no extra cash I was told, “You can’t start a business without money.” So I did free commercials for my banker.

As a publisher I was told, “You can’t afford to print all the books you need for a respectible sized catalog.” So I wrote catalog descriptions for numerous new  books — and wrote the ones  that sold well.

As a female CEO, I was told by a late ’80 Amer Mgt Assn instructor, “You can’t stay as the only woman in my class because I can’t use my standard stories when you’re here.”  So, I became a consultant to the AMA.

As a grandmother, I’ve been told, “You can’t do it all. You have to chose between working  full time and being active in your grandkids’ lives. ”  So, I do what I did when I was told the same thing as a working Mom. I do what I believe I was meant to do.

As the author of the Kolbe Index, I wrote the individualized results so you won’t find there’s anything you “can’t” do. It explains how your can best do what you were meant to do.

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  1. Dale Stout

    As a severe dyslexic with no self-esteem I was told, “You can’t do it” a zillion times. Then, in 1993, Pure Instinct and the Kolbe Conative Index changed my life. Thank you Kathy! I’ve waited 19 years to say that.

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