Nuggets of Kolbe Wisdom-Pop Beads for the Elevator Pitch

I still don’t do a good job answering the question: What do you do? In fact, it gets harder every year.

It was so easy when I could say: I write and publish materials for gifted kids. Piece of cake for PR. Every media person I talked to either thought of him or herself as gifted, or had a gifted child/g’kid/sibling. Sooo simple to personalize for them.

Then I had to go mess up the message with the conative stuff. Couldn’t be a worse word. Too much like cognitive — only uglier. Too many keystrokes. Too complex. Too abstrract. Too unknown.

As if that wasn’t bad enough, I had to make the decision to apply conation to kids, adults, businesses, teams,  brain research, health, education, productivity, creativity, synergy……STOP!  We’re on the 77th floor and I still don’t know what you do or for whom you do it.

Twitter is changing my story telling.  I’m finding ways to unearth the Kolbe Wisdom, nugget by tiny little  nugget. Some of my tweets delight me because I have no idea where I was going with them until the words pour from my fingertips. Some frustrate me because I started out with what I thought was an important idea and it turned out sounding mundane. Some challenge me because I’m determined to counter twittering by others that I think gives misinformation.

Oops, sorry Follower. I didn’t mean to insult you. But you’re wrong — and what you say could mislead some pretty fragile people out there.

Oops, not my job to edit others’ ideas — and coming from me, who the coined the Arrogant Attitude Disability syndrome,  it’s especially hypocritical.

Oops. I just want to tell the world that knowling conative strengths can make such a difference in lives — but I may be turning people off in the process.

Biggest Oops of all –would be  if I didn’t  keep honing in on the ability to communicate the Kolbe Wisdom in little nuggets — one quick elevator ride at a time.

Liked tonight’s last tweet: Creativity is sparked by mission and driven by conative purpose

But Oops, there are so few people who will know that I’m referring to the upper levels of the Kolbe Dynamynd ™ Hierarchy of Effort.

I think I’m gonna try to pick out the shinniest nuggets of the Kolbe Wisdom, string them together and wear them around my neck. Maybe they could be like those beads that pop apart– each with it’s own url– like a secret password to find out more about it. I could pop them into the conversation — or tweet.

James??? Collaborator. Help me make it happen! ASAP.

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