Resumes No Longer Reality

Never has the productivity of every employee been more important to employers. Having to do more with less means having to get it right with any new hires management decides to make.

For decades the #1 step in the selection process has been reviewing resumes. Now: Employers report that 72% of job holders don’t live up to their promising resumes.*

Reference checks have become almost useless because of legal considerations and listing of companies that no longer exist. Fact checking is tedious and past job titles sometimes nonsensical. The terms “consultant” and “self-employed” are used to mask periods of unemployment. Trying to figure out whether the claims a person makes about skills, natural abilities and previous successes is nearly impossible.

Kathy Kolbe pinpoints the publication of the best-selling What Color is Your Parachute? as the beginning of the end of resumes as useful tools in selection.

Richard Bolles’ advice led to a Key Word Syndrome and a standardized format that masks the reality of candidates’ abilities. He advised people plop in popular words – and those became the common qualities people claimed.” Kolbe says. “As the sales of his book grew, so did the impossibility of distinguishing one resume from another.”

“I especially loved the person whose cover letter claimed: ‘I’m a detial person.”

“Enough!” Kolbe said, “I was convinced that Kolbe Corp needed to develop a useful and foolproof selection tool. One that reports the authentic strengths of job candidates.”

Now candidates who want to describe their validated conative abilities can provide copies of their Kolbe A™ Index results, or the appropriate phrases from it.

Employers who want to avoid being disappointed in new hires because of false expectations can rely on Kolbe’s RightFit™ program.  See @

*USA Today, August 18, 2009


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13 responses to “Resumes No Longer Reality

  1. As we are moving out of the deepest part of the recession, we already are seeing staffing recur. Our clients know the value of the Kolbe RightFit tm) approach. They know it works. One client said, “the numbers have not proven wrong when it comes to hiring, if I do my job in digging for the character and competence requirements.” This piece of our consulting work is coming back.

  2. Elizabeth

    Kathy’s comments about resumes are right on target. College students are taught how to write resumes using key words and standard formats. They don’t help employers. Kolbe’s Right Fit ( tm)
    is a perfect system for hiring the right people for the job in which they will thrive. I have used this system in a number of corporations and educational institutions. It’s fool proof.

  3. Elizabeth Berry

    Those who have taken the Kolbe A Index ™ have said that they were able to describe in specific language how they worked and what their talents were. It gave them a vocabulary which impressed employers and was more accurate and revealing than the standard resume language.

  4. Nari Kim

    Thank you so much for the Kolbe A Index. I took it and right away, I could not believe how true it is. I especially loved the key words that are a perfect fit for the instinctual ways in which I work. It is definitely a helpful, starting point for building a resume!

  5. Kathryn Sorrells

    Thanks to Elizabeth Berry for bringing her experience and work with Kathy Kolbe’s Index to our campus and students. Taking the inventory offers wonderful insights on the way each of us engages with the world, the strenghts we all bring to approaching tasks and an appreciation for diverse conative styles. The understanding gained about ourselves and others through the Index is applicable to a broad range of interpersonal, group and organizational endeavors.

  6. Briana Gutter

    Wow! What a fantastic tool the Kolbe A Index is! I was amazed by my precise results as I plan to use them in my professional and personal life. Thank you Elizabeth for providing CSUN students with this fabulous educational opportunity. I was able to access my results on the website again. I am keeping the results in a safe place so that I can refer back to them. I am certain I will be able to use this tool which truly validates who we are and how we operate in life.

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  8. I am so pleased to find the Kolbe Index and frankly am amazed that I had not been exposedt to it years ago. Unbelievbeable.
    For more than two decades I used the Myers Briggs indicators (in depth) to help me to staff companies that I had a hand in developing. To the degree that our local staffing company uses that indicator – Myers Briggs – as a standard methodology of evaluationg their staff. Now I will need to provide them with Kolbe’s more effective methods. 😉
    Now I have learned – from my work with Rich Schefren’s ideas – that the Kolbe indicator is an even more useful index to help to determine the actual capabilities of a potential team member.
    This is extremely exciting for me as a business owner because as stated very clearly in this blog post – resumes and references are all but useless in this day and age.

    Onward and upward,

    Curtis Randolph – CEO

  9. “Resumes No Longer Reality | Kathy Kolbe’s Blog” was honestly pleasurable and informative! Within the present day world honestly, that is really difficult to manage. Thanks, Jamel

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