Conative Biases

Ignorance of often the cause of biases. Conative ignorance has kept us from refuting numerous harmful myths which fuel gender, age and racial biases.

Women are not less strategic than men.

There are as many females as males who were born with the weighing-the-pros-and-the-cons instinct (initiating Fact Finders).

So, there’s no logic to the myth that men are by nature better managers. Since there are no differences in conative natures between the genders, there is no natural difference in how they would manage. Cultural expectations and requirements can lead to restraining the use of the conative strengths – so people seem to fit the stereotypes.

Men aren’t handier.

Not as a group. 20% of them are just as klutzy as the 20% of woman for whom a tool box is a space holder.

Why should any guy, whether conatively empowered as an initiating Implementor – or not – have to deal with broken stuff and put the IKEA things together?

And why should a young girl who is blessed with the drives of an initiating Implementor be dubbed a Tom Girl?

It’s just not true that we become less innovative as we age. We may get cranky about others not paying attention to our off-the-chart Quick Start methods, but innate innovators never stop coming up with alternatives. Ageism is a widespread cause of economic loss when the elderly are laid off or put out to pasture instead of being encouraged to add their wisdom to their innovations.

Don’t trust a car just because it’s made by those supposedly detailed-oriented people. No culture, nation or race has a corner on any conative MO. There are as many slip shod Germans as there are non-entrepreneurial Chinese people. Research shows the same distribution of instinctive capabilities around the globe.

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