It’s Not What You Think

A publicist recently suggested that he’d love to help me tell the world about my work with cognitive styles. My response was not kind or gentle.

What he said to me was like telling a dedicated vegan that he’d be happy to help her crusade to get people to eat more beef.

I realize the guy was just showing a common ignorance. I certainly understand that most people don’t know or care about the conative domain of the mind. To them, I might seem like a crusader or missionary with a pretty esoteric purpose.

What the guy said was also like telling the mother of three children that he’d be happy to help the pretty one succeed.

I care equally about the cognitive, affective, and conative dimensions of the mind. But the mental sibling that has been overlooked for almost a century is the one to which I have devoted a great deal of time and energy. I’m determined for it to get the respect it needs and deserves. It hurts to my core when people ignore it – and focus on the more familiar, and therefore more attractive of the triplets – the cognitive kid.

What he said to me was also like telling the person who created the secret formula for Coke that he’d be happy to charge her money to get the world to drink more Pepsi.

No, I wasn’t charming or gracious. But I did invite him to submit a proposal if he wanted to help me accomplish my actual goals.

The long-term colleagues in my life are people who are attracted to rather than intimated by my outspoken passion for the work that needs to be done.

My work isn’t about what people think. And it isn’t about styles that come and go. It’s about the consistent, persistent way people need do what they DO.

I told the guy where to go.

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