Valentine’s by Instinct: Avoiding Conative Calamities

Valentine’s is a retailers’ day of hope and many individuals’ day of despair. What’s billed as a day for sharing signs of affection is actually a day that tests your conative IQ (how smart you are about another’s MO).

Valentine’s is a day when you’re assessed by how you act, react and interact – making it one of the most conatively stressful days of the year. Turn potential conative calamities into opportunities for extra points with these tips for how to play the day:

Do tell insist Fact Finders exactly why you love them. Words that lack specificity are mere fluff to them.

Don’t worry if resist Fact Finders don’t put sentiments in writing. You know their speaking from their natural instinct if they keep it simple.

Do use lots of superlatives with insist Quick Starts, they’re underwhelmed by anything less.

Do give insist Implementors cards/gifts you made my hand. Even if it doesn’t look pretty, be sure it’s obvious you put lots of time and touchables into it.

Do check out the quality of a hand-made gift from an insist Implementor. If it was thrown together the relationship is likely to be falling apart.

Don’t get the same thing you got last year for a resist Follow Thru – even it went over really well. They read repetition as your being bored with the relationship.

Do give the same thing to insist Follow Thrus – if you got kudos for it — or it seems you didn’t pay attention to what they really like.

Don’t ask insist Quick Starts what they want to do to celebrate Valentine’s. It’s the surprise that counts.

Do not surprise an insist Follow Thru with anything that might interrupt routines or plans. It could actually ruin their day. Ask ahead of time.

Do appreciate whatever original thing insist Quick Starts do for you. It means they tried to do something special even if it didn’t work out well.

Do ditch insist Quick Starts in new relationships who do nothing original for you. They’re showing a lack of involvement in the relationship.

Don’t give up on insist Quick Starts in long-term relationships for showing the same lack of originality on Valentine’s Day. They ought not to think they still need to “sell” you.

Do let insist Follow Thrus who give you whatever was at the check-out counter know that you’ll regift it. No gift from them is better than a clear afterthought.

Don’t be quite so hard on resist Follow Thrus who pick up something impersonal at the last minute. It’s an unfortunate part of their nature. Cut a win/win deal that lets you get your own gift next year.

Do give your Valentine’s the gift of a Kolbe A Index, so you can be sure you’re using the right conative tips.

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One response to “Valentine’s by Instinct: Avoiding Conative Calamities

  1. Dash

    I went for a job interview and to one of the questions I responded…
    My MO is I am a fact finder and instictly I would get all the facts and then make my decision based on that
    My boss looked at me with a WOW expression
    It was a valuable tool to know what my MO is in that situation

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