Masking Success?

Does wearing a clown costume make you a clown?

Does being educated at an excellent clown school make you a better clown?

How many people who go to clown school actually have the conative instincts to be good clowns? (Yes, we’ve found there are some conative characteristics that are consistent with successful clowns).  If it’s not in your nature, but you wanna do it, can you learn to be a great clown?

Of course, we know that wearing a mask doesn’t change your reality.  So, it must be very sad to know what you need to do when you go out there dressed up like a clown, yet don’t have what it takes to do it well. 

Perhaps those clowns who seem so creepy are the conatively inauthentic clowns.

Being trained to act like a clown doesn’t make you any more a clown than being trained to act like a salesperson makes you a good salesperson. Maybe that’s why there are so many sales people who make us want to run away? And lawyers, and carpenters, and bosses.

I only dressed up in a clown outfit once. To entertain kids at a camp I ran. It totally embarrassed my son, David. Of course, I wasn’t an educated clown. I was just me being silly. Mom’s being silly always seem to embarrass their sons. Guess the costume wasn’t good enough.


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3 responses to “Masking Success?

  1. So maybe this is why there are so many clowns with painted tears running down their faces. They are out of sync with who they really are.

    There is also something to be said about the whole idea of clowns. Faces hidden behind masks of forced frivolity or sadness.

    I have to admit, I am in the “it gives me the creeps” camp when it comes to clowns. Much prefer wide, true smiles and lots of laugh lines.

  2. I would love to hear about what is the Kolbe profile for being a clown. You must have a fantastic data base of profiles for the others too, the possibly inauthentic roles you mentioned.
    I probably have the perfect profile for being a sign painter, having done it for decades before it got old.

  3. The missing book you have yet to write would contain an index of these conative indexes of various jobs. Please – I dare you to share that information!

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