Kids Who Know Their Conative Abilities Gain an Advantage in School

Parents and teachers have been confirming this headline for years. An exciting study with nearly 700 public school students in Kansas is being conducted this semester. Additional evidence will be gathered that shows the impact of students knowing and building on conative strengths. They will be tracked this semester as they learn their innate abilities by taking the Kolbe Y™ Index.

Outstanding educators in this top rated state system will work with Dr. Diane DeBacker, the Kansas Commissioner of Education, to assess the results. She has been a leader among Kolbe certified educators for over a decade.

A University of Kansas doctoral study, authored by the principal of the school, will report the conclusions. Objectives that will be analyzed include evidence of students showing improved classroom performance, self-confidence, study skills, attendance, and communication with teachers, parents, and classmates.

Twelve thousand additional Kansas students could soon benefit from using the Kolbe method based upon the outcomes of the study. Arizona State University is sponsoring a concurrent study at a special school for gifted students. It is also being led by an educator with whom I have worked for numerous years – the very wonderful Bret Loucks.

Think-ercise® books and games (with roots in my award winning, but dormant Resources for the Gifted enterprise) will provide activities for the students to practice individual methods of creative problem solving. My hope is that kids from the two programs will be inspired to challenge one another online. It will be a joy to disseminate the teachers’ ideas as well.

Headlines of the future:

Teachers Who Understand Conative Abilities Enable Students to Thrive

Kids Who Know Their Conative Abilities Lead School Reform


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6 responses to “Kids Who Know Their Conative Abilities Gain an Advantage in School

  1. patricia demaio

    Do you have any experience with the Kolbe Y index being helpful with discovering how to motivate and engage children with High Functioning Autism? Trying to work successfully with my intelligent (but not “gifted”) 12 year old is a mystery and I am wondering if anyone has used this index as a tool?

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