Microsoft: Ignorant or Arrogant?


You have set yourself up as a language expert.
You mercilessly correct our spelling errors all day every day.
You posture as an all-knowing judge and jury of right and wrong in use of language.

You ignore Peter Mark Roget, the true expert in the English language.
You ignore Plato and Aristotle and thousands of other thought leaders.
You ignore modern research and well-documented studies of the differences in the three parts of the human mind/brain.

…do you continue to spell-check the word for one of the three faculties of the brain, and simply replace it with the word for an altogether different mental faculty?
…do you ignore calls to correct your error?
…do you think we should trust you when you confuse the source of human actions with the source of passive thoughts?

…are you going to Get Conative?
…are you going to recognize the existence of your resistant Fact Finder M.O.?
…or am I confusing your conative behaviors with affective Arrogance?

MS Blog Pic2


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5 responses to “Microsoft: Ignorant or Arrogant?

  1. Thanks for all of the emailed comments. If you’ll comment here,however, others can see the chain of thought.

  2. I agree! It is SO annoying that it happens, and that they won’t fix it!

  3. Kathy Kolbe is right Microsoft. Please make the correction NOW. Conation is and will be crucial for humankind’s success, which is defined as people having the freedom to be themselves. Microsoft get on the bandwagon.
    Steve Lear 3-6-9-1

  4. Peter P

    What’s funny is someone leaving a comment on this blog addressed to Microsoft. Does anyone actually think that Microsoft combs the web in search of suggestions or criticisms? Would it be best to send your suggestions directly to MS rather than hope that someone, somewhere is scouring the web to find things in MS Office to fix.

    An alternate solution: It really isn’t necessary to use MS Office at all anymore. Use Open Office instead. It works just as well and the price is right.

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