Newly Approved Words for Extreme Quick Start Initiators

Conative behaviors are inborn patterns of action. They determine our MO (modus operandi). We all have some form of what I call the Quick Start Action Mode in our MOs, which The  determines how we deal with uncertainty. The Kolbe Theory of Conation, defines it as one of four Kolbe Action Modes ®, and give all of them a scale of 1-10, with 9-10 being the most extreme level of initiating action in any of them..

Today, I am officially adding the following words as appropriate in describing the behaviors of people who are at the 9-10 levels  in the of Quick Start mode, which deals with how human being handle uncertainty.

Every conative action can be used to do good – or bad things. These words describe a method of taking action that has no moral value. Many profoundly wonderful innovations have required these actions. Many situations in which they are used could benefit a great deal from being edited before being thrust into decision-making.


Additional words for Quick Start Initiation















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