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Kolbe Corp
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16 responses to “Contact Me

  1. Kathy,
    I would love it if your blog entries had the option to share. I don’t work for this company, but if you look into a program called AddThis (free, simple) then I could e-mail your blog article directly to my mom, who is a Kolbe consultant and who might be a bit busy during the holiday (and will really enjoy your Christmas article). I could also tweet or facebook it.

    I am a 7473. Thanks!

    • Kathy Kolbe

      Thanks for your suggestion. I’m trying to fiure out the difference between Comments and Sharing. I’m a noive on this program. Can’t even change this to smaller type. Sorry.


  2. Rick

    Dear Ms Kolbe,

    I am very concerned about the way your profiling is being used in the hiring industry. I have an award winning sales background in the medical fields. Recently, I have had to take your assessment for 3 different job placements and have been told I was not an acceptable candidate based on your test despite my career record of success.

    I believe your test allows employers to discriminate based on a subjective personality type. I want to thank you for bringing this wonderful tool into the marketplace that keeps successful people from attaining employment. Imaging studies of the brain are no proof of personality type or career abilities despite your claims in the journal.

    • Melinda Martin

      I agree with this poster. I had two very productive job interviews recently. The second interview went so well that the interviewer told me he couldn’t honestly say when he had enjoyed a job interview more and I felt the same. I was on top of my game. It couldn’t have gone any better. Then I received a phone call telling me how sorry they are, but based on my Kolbe Index, I will not advance to the third round of the hiring process because other candidates had scored better. Thanks so much for ruining any chance I had on obtaining employment, I guess my Bachelor of Science degree, successful career & awards are utterly useless based on your research. What a sham.

  3. L

    I sort of agree with Rick. I love the job that i have right now. I am the happiest i have ever been. Yet i had to take the B part of the Kolbe and now they are trying to tell me based on how i answered that im not happy and i am stressed. I had two lecturers questioning me for 30 minutes about why im stressed at the job i love? Wow didnt know i had a problem.

  4. Rick & L,
    I wonder if the problems you are experiencing are shortfalls in the Kolbe tools or with the management/leadership of the organizations. I have always viewed the Kolbe assessments (& all assessments for that matter) as valuable tools that help provide insight. At the end of the day, I feel hiring managers, VP/GMs, CEOs etc must leverage their own insight and interpersonal skills, along with recommendations of their team mates to make such critical decisions. Over-relying on any particular tool, or any single factor without proper context would be ill-advised.

    That said, I have also seen where many of us miss something in our own informal continual self-assessments. Periodic formal feedback sometimes re-enlighten us to some areas that we may otherwise neglect or ignore.

    Good luck to you both!



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