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Resumes No Longer Reality

Never has the productivity of every employee been more important to employers. Having to do more with less means having to get it right with any new hires management decides to make.

For decades the #1 step in the selection process has been reviewing resumes. Now: Employers report that 72% of job holders don’t live up to their promising resumes.*

Reference checks have become almost useless because of legal considerations and listing of companies that no longer exist. Fact checking is tedious and past job titles sometimes nonsensical. The terms “consultant” and “self-employed” are used to mask periods of unemployment. Trying to figure out whether the claims a person makes about skills, natural abilities and previous successes is nearly impossible.

Kathy Kolbe pinpoints the publication of the best-selling What Color is Your Parachute? as the beginning of the end of resumes as useful tools in selection.

Richard Bolles’ advice led to a Key Word Syndrome and a standardized format that masks the reality of candidates’ abilities. He advised people plop in popular words – and those became the common qualities people claimed.” Kolbe says. “As the sales of his book grew, so did the impossibility of distinguishing one resume from another.”

“I especially loved the person whose cover letter claimed: ‘I’m a detial person.”

“Enough!” Kolbe said, “I was convinced that Kolbe Corp needed to develop a useful and foolproof selection tool. One that reports the authentic strengths of job candidates.”

Now candidates who want to describe their validated conative abilities can provide copies of their Kolbe A™ Index results, or the appropriate phrases from it.

Employers who want to avoid being disappointed in new hires because of false expectations can rely on Kolbe’s RightFit™ program.  See @ http://kolbe.com/fit

*USA Today, August 18, 2009


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