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What’s Best Idea You Never Had?

Don’t answer this question by sharing an idea you had but didn’t use. That idea has come and gone.

“What’s the best idea you never had?” requires that you have to think of something you’ve never thought of before and share it in the form of an idea, not a question, fact or judgement.

What is an idea? It’s a thought or concept, completly devoid of action or intent to act. Aalso has flat affect.

Let me think? What’s a good idea I’ve never had before???

Doing improv , maybe like stand up comedy or a TV series, based on a variety of  conative MO in unque settings. OK. I gotta run with this:

What’s a 9823 doing when his dog gets loose in cemetery?

Hliarious. Right? Yes. But sad, too.

“Oh no, don’t poop there, that’d be disrspectful. Don’t get in that mound of dirt, you’ll get filthy! Stop, it’s sooo imappropriate to be running around in here. ”

How about a 2297 kid showing his Dad (8822) how to build a bird house?
Or three highy insistent Quick Starts who are trying to avoid one-upping each other at a reunion?
Could be a party game for people in the conative “know.”

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